007: Jersey Girl (2004)

Wherein Tom loves you all the way to the moon and back down to the dirt.Read More

006: Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back (2001)

Wherein Tom & Wez wonder what's with the knife? We having cake or something?Read More

005: Dogma (1999)

Wherein Tom is Han Solo, Wez is Chewbacca, you're Ben Kenobi and we're in that f**ked up bar!Read More

004: Chasing Amy (1997)

Wherein Tom & Wez could be bigger germ farms than that monkey from Outbreak!Read More

003: Mallrats (1995)

Wherein Tom & Wez are faster than Walt Flanagan's dog.Read More

002: Clerks. (1994)

Wherein Tom & Wez aren't even supposed to be here today.Read More

001: Introduction

Wherein Tom & Wez say Hello, Hi, What's Up, Guten Tag and other words for hello.Read More