The 10’s

So, this page exists so I can keep a handy, quick to find database of all the movie’s I’ve given a perfect score of 10/10. A little explanation: I love movies, but for me a rating of 10 is reserved for movies that connect with you in a such a way that it’s hard to accurately explain or define why exactly they connected with you in that way. Here, I’ll keep a listing of all the movies I’ve given a 10 as they are posted as reviews, in chronological order.


Chasing Amy
(April 4th 1997)

Kevin Smith’s third feature, shot on a shoestring $250,000 budget, is probably the greatest romantic comedy/drama ever made. Featuring three of the finest performances I’ve ever seen from Ben Affleck, Jason Lee & Joey Lauren Adams, and a top-notch script. Chasing Amy is a riveting creative tour-de-force.

And, so far, those are all of the movies reviewed that have been given a 10/10 rating. Keep your eyes peeled as this list will be updated when more 10/10 reviews are posted.